Diablo 2 Resurrected

is there any way to exchange my old diablo 2 LOD cd key for this new one? i spent 50 dollars for every cd key in 2001, 49.99

why old players as us dont have an opportunity to update this game?

we pay for diablo 2 and diablo 2 LOD, we deserve diablo 2 resurrected as a NEW PATH of diablo 2, not as a new game with the same things

im angry, because diablo 2 was the best game, i played it for 20 years, im still playing it, and they want to sell me the same game, for more money, with the same items and same things?

what im for you blizzard?

diablo 2 always was about the gameplay, not about the graphics

diablo 3 was terrible in gameplay, also the others diablos

why dont you do a 1.15 update with diablo 2 resurrect, why are you trying to sell us the same game again?

just launch it as a new path, delete the bots and done, if not, in 1 or 2 months diablo 2 resurrected will be full of bots and all the people will feel scammed

do it please, we deserve respect, we are from the old school of diablo 2, was our first online game, you cant do this to us

we are not going to buy this game

  1. will be full of bots in 1 or 2 months after someone gets a jah and ber
  2. shared stash? whats that? im not going to buy a new game for a shared stats
  3. dont let die diablo 2, diablo 2 can be played by everyone, it is low req and excellent gameplay mechanics, update diablo 2 to path 1.15, we dont care about your diablo 2 resurrected, OP players knows that graphics are no the most important thing in a game
  4. RESURRECTED DIABLO 2, dont try to sell us the same, if you failed in diablo 3 and diablo IV is your fault, not our, diablo 2 is the best, keep updating diablo 2, not a new game called RESURRECTED trying to scam us
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No, there is not.

It sounds like you already have the game you want, so you do not need to pay for the graphics, tech, or QoL updates in D2R. I am not sure why you would even want it for free given you don’t seem to like the new things in it, or the graphics updates.

Blizzard plans to keep the D2 (2000) and LoD (2001) servers going with ladder resets exactly as they are. You can continue playing exactly what you paid for (plus any patches over the past 20 years).

I am glad you enjoyed your first online game. For many of us, we were adults who had been playing offline, and online, for years. It is very rare a company keeps a game and servers going for 20 years like Blizzard has, and will continue to do.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not represent Blizzard or speak for Blizzard.

This game will be free in 2 years, Blizzard you are a such crooks, you need to be humbled badly, selling extra space blah blah selling an old game for the money grab, people should just play path of diablo instead for free, don’t pay for another game that they just give away in the future, and don’t think this game won’t have a pay wall. Blizzard you expect me to buy this so you can Guinee pig us and have more time for your Diablo4 Release, how about that Mobile phone game, you think people have infinite wallets, and attention span to play all your bs, been buying your crap for years, literally owned 5 copies of diablo 2/lod

No More

for sure " exactly as they are " FULL OF BOTS without attention from the staff, and for sure, also the future of diablo 2 resurrected

Well, what you paid for these 20 years ago was the content on the discs you bought. This remake was not made from 0 work, and thus it cost a lot of money to make this upgraded version - and as such it makes total sense that it cost money. I have the Original Diablo 2 and LOD - but why on earth (or hell) would I expect to get other stuff for free?? The people who made thos upgraded version also needs a wager, and companies are not doing charity with their game making. I expect to pay for Doom, Final Fantasy VII remake etc. - as does everyone else. If you don’t feel it’s worth it you simply keep playing the old version… if you think its worth it, you pay for the new version :slight_smile: I can’t say I feel Blizzard are the ones with a greedy attitude in this one…

It’s a cop out, Blizzard is to afraid to try anything new so they just milk old products/ideas Re skin them or dilute the items in the game by adding skins, and stupid people fill billzards pockets with vanity items, people are truly sad, it’s like a pay wall popularity contest with any game nowadays, what i’m saying is you may think you’re getting diablo 2 but that’s just at first, before you know it everyone will have skins and stupid s#$% and just turn the game into another childish fantasy smear garbage, like fortnight or any other game being made with in app purchase bs ( target children and stupid parents more why don’t you ) keep selling all the garbage, people seem to lap it up, what do i know

?? There is no skin or transmog system in Diablo 2. They can’t sell skins for a game that has no cosmetic interface. There are no vanity items of any kind in D2.

Eh, Overwatch was new in 2016 when they released it.

WoW used an existing franchise lore concept but moved it totally to the MMO platform. I will agree that they tend to mitigate risk by making new platform moves with characters/games they already have. HS is based on WoW. Heroes of the Storm was based on existing Blizz franchises. Diablo Immortal moves to Mobile but still is in the Diablo franchise.