Diablo 2 Resurrected Refund Request Denied

I am being forced into seeking legal help now in order to protect my rights as Blizzard has sold me an incomplete game and refuses to give me a refund. The game is missing features and is unplayable at times, and yet they refuse to refund me. Its been 2 weeks and they have yet to get all features out and will not refund me. They told me I know its “harsh” but we want everyone to know our return policy. So here you go everyone, here it is in a nutshell. Blizzard will sell you a game that is not done, and then when you are unable to play it they will refuse to refund you. So I guess everyone knows their policy now.


Depending where you live they can’t always do that. Australia and Canada both have laws against it so if you live in either of those places just file with the proper channels and they will be forced to refund you or be fined.


I’d refund if I could tbh, may try.

I get 1 day a week, if I’m lucky to play this game.
It’s spent in frustration repeatedly trying to log in with no luck.

WHILE being able to log into the original 20 year old game.

like how do you fook this up? Can’t wait for POE2. blizzard has lost my support. canceling my subscriptions to wow.

if I cant get a refund for this game. You wont get a penny more from me.

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the servers are down bro. we are all waiting .if you dont think poe 2 is gonna have trouble at launch your mistaken as well.

well considering it is a complete game just buggy as fudge currently. so it’s no doubt your request for a refund was denied under that premise.

Blizzard as turned the worst video game company ever,
Will never EVER buy a game back from them again

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They dont have ladder up still and hardcore wasnt working until saturday. Game is broken. I want my money back. E z p z

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tried to get a refund too… they are denying it claiming it’s past the allotted refund period even though the game is broken with servers being down and crashes on a regular basis

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