Diablo 2 Res very bad performance on ps4/ps4 pro

Diablo 2 Res Beta has very bad stuttering/lag spikes on ps4/ps4 pro.

Watch any streamers/youtube videos of people playing on ps4/ps4 pro and its happening to everyone, myself included.


I saw this too, worse where lots of ground clutter appeared. Also had some weird graphical anomaly with gold inside the monestary.

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Hey folks,

D2R has its own forums including a set of beta forums.

I was running into this problem a LOT as well.
At some points (particularly in the Catacombs) some areas of the map wouldn’t even fully render.
Invisible walls, Invisible barrels, Invisible boxes. All of which still had mass (would block movement and projectile attacks) and there was no way to easily navigate them.
I recorded that , and will have it uploaded to my youtube channel by the end of the weekend.

Having similar problems however with me all the issues with frame rate dropping and poor performance only happens for me after having played for about 2 hours or so. It’s a consistent thing for me as well. Literally after 2 hours it starts crapping out and becomes almost unplayable to the point where I have to quit and renter game. But then the problem is temporarily fixed for about another couple hours and so on and so forth, having to constantly repeat this pattern. It’s very bizarre. Apart from that the game runs smooth during those couple hours apart from a few graphical bugs like the gold spike mentioned in act 1 but it only happened once for me when doing Andarial runs and then I never saw the issue again. Once in a blue moon some things on maps don’t render right away. I’m on a PS4 Pro.

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I’m also having this problem. It’s getting to the point i can’t even finish an act without restarting (which respawns every enemy in the entire game) Is there a fix for this? I saw a guide online: w w w .ginx.tv/en/diablo/how-to-fix-diablo-2-resurrected-performance-issues-and-improve-fps
but it only mentions a bunch of computer stuff. Glad to be back but f*** this lag.