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I was looking for a link to download the Diablo II original game and couldnt find one, when I tried looking in my account settings and go for games and subscriptions, scroll down to the diablo II game where it shows my CDKey and the client download link, it gave me a link to the battle.net app, is there a reason the link to download the original game is missing there?



See my post here from 2 weeks ago: Diablo 2 LoD language problem - #2 by Boubou-1741

You’ll have to change the references to Polish in my reply… “enUS” instead of “plPL” in the dowloader links should work if you’re trying to download the game in English.

I’m away from home until Wednesday evening… let me know if you need more help and I’ll try to help you more.

Good luck with this… and welcome back to Dialo II Classic !

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I see, wondering why on that post no blizzard employee responded.

Yeah… same here.

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Here’s one page they did recently update:

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That page, unfortunately, doesn’t work as it should…

In Spanish (EU) and Italian, the links provided are incorrect and one gets redirected to the Battle.Net Desktop App download page.

In many other languages, the information provided is incorrect. As you may remember, Diablo II Classic was only available in:

  • English (enUS)
  • German (deDE)
  • English (enGB)
  • Spanish (esES)
  • French (frFR)
  • Italian (itIT)
  • Polish (plPL)
  • Chinese (zhTW) and
  • Korean (koKR).

It is not available in Portuguese (ptBR and ptPT), in Russian (ruRU), or in Latin America Spanish (esMX). The Support pages for those languages fail to say that.

Best of luck in your games !


That link above is set for English (enUS). The Region and Language can be changed at the very bottom of that page just above the Blizzard logo.

The page will then reload with different links in that language. But, your right, not all of them work properly. Total mess.

You’ve done all the work on it already. They just need to update the pages with the correctl languages and make sure the download links in Games & Subscriptions also link correctly.

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Hey all,

Just wanted to chime in that there’s an older forum post that may be helpful if it’s confusing about changing the language for the desired installer for Diablo II (2000) and Lord of Destruction. This has each one as a clickable link and should be accurate/working still: [Main Thread] "Failed - Network Error" for Diablo II & LoD Set-up Files - #13 by Caterpepi

It also describes in detail the syntax used to manually change each link for the desired language.


Bookmarked… thanks !

Is there any hope of having the knowledge base articles fixed so that they at least provide correct info ? For example, Diablo II Classic was never released in Portuguese… this article should say that instead of providing a link to download D2 and D2: LoD in Portuguese.

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