Diablo 2 not working on latest mac OS Catalina

WHY, WHY NOW :sob::ocean:

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same issue here. any chance you guys plan to fix this? please :pray:

I am just adding my voice here.
When, if ever, is Diablo going to be updated to 64bit for Catalina.

I did notice the deafening silence from Blizzard on this subject.


Please update Diablo 2 to fix this issue! We are counting on you Blizzard!


Adding to the list of concerned people regarding this topic.

I can get to the installer (INSTALL DIABLO) and if I hit install it turns red, freezes, and doesn’t load. I can tap INSTALL as many times as I want and all it does is make the door noise. I can’t even exit the application without forcing a reboot.

Please resolve soon. Thank you.

Same here, waiting for the update.

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Hoping for update since 9 Oct 2019, please make it happen!!


Hi! I have same problem like above just bought d2+lod and its not working on my MacBook Air 2018 OS Catalina not support 32-bit apps

Please fix it fast

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Thanks for your continued reports, everyone! This is a frustrating issue to run into after the Catalina update, and our team is aware of the issue and working on a fix. There is no new updates or an ETA on when this may be fully resolved at the moment. We’ll continue to update as more information is available.

If rolling back to Mojave or a different version is an option or even bootcamp (while not supported), this may be a temporary workaround until a resolution is pushed out by our team.


Please, Please, Diablo 2 is better that Diablo 3 :imp:


Please do fix this soon… i know it will be a big fix to roll out but it is really disappointing as we have just bought this game. Appreciate the reply blizzard


Typical answer from Blizzard…
“We are sad but we can’t help you…”
You should fix it fast especially reports about new Mac os (64bit only) will be able long time ago :wink:
This game is still available to buy on store soo need updates for new systems.
Blizzard listen your players :slight_smile:


Please fix this Blizzard :slight_smile: I’m dying to play D2 as D4 was just announced and you took my $10 for the CD key that I can’t use :slight_smile:


Exactly same issue with SC2… hope you guys will can fix that soon :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks for you work. i know it’s pain in the XxX…

Same issue here. If you can update this to 64 bit i’ll love you forever :slight_smile:

Hello, Blizzard Support Team,

I am having the same issue, here; as well! =*( Diablo II will not run on, MAC OSX 10.15 Catalina. Please, fix this soon! “…You are, are only hope!”

Same issue, Guys it’s taking you too long!

Same here! Please fix it as soon as possible.

ya same issue. iso FIX

Oh, please fix it. It’s make me very very sad.