Diablo 2 LoD language problem

I’m writing because I wanted to install Diablo 2 + LoD (original, not Resurrected) but after installing the latest version from this website I noticed that there is no Polish language, and actually no option to choose the language, even though it is in the installer files and in the registry its Polish (it is signed plPL everywhere), it is still in English in the game. I bought this game to be able to play in Polish, as I did before :frowning:


I’m curious… from where did you download Diablo 2 + LoD ?

The reason I ask is because Blizzard seems to have changed its website around and the Download page appears to have been deleted… or, at least, made inaccessible.

The “Download Game Client” on your Battle.Net profile doesn’t work – it gets redirected to the page to download the Battle.Net Desktop App.

It took me awhile to figure it out… but here goes:

(sorry in advance… but I didn’t know how to shorten this)

  1. Ensure that you have the 26-digit code for installing the game; it should be located here: https://account.battle.net/games#classic-game-accounts. If there are not there, but you have the original CDs, you need to redeem the 16-digit code on your Battle.Net account.

  1. The next step is to download the “downloaders”; there is one for Diablo II and another one for Diablo II: LoD. They are located here:
    • Diablo II: https://www.battle.net/download/getLegacy?os=win&locale=plPL&product=D2DV
    • Diablo II: LoD: https://www.battle.net/download/getLegacy?os=win&locale=plPL&product=D2XP

Open a new browser tab and copy-paste each of the 2 links to download the downloader; the downloaders will be stored in your “Download” folder on your PC. The downloader for Diablo II is called “Downloader_Diablo2_plPL.exe”; the one for LoD is called “Downloader_Diablo2_Lord_of_Destruction_plPL.exe”.

  1. The next step is to execute each of the downloader, starting with Downloader_Diablo2_plPL.exe… I had all kind of problems and I’m hoping you won’t get them too – if you do, here’s what I did to work around them. Part of the problem is that I do not read, write, speak Polish… and downloader errors were displayed in Polish.

First, Windows Defender Smartscreen wouldn’t execute the Downloader (in French, since my Windows runs in French):

If you click on “Supplementary information” (in the yellow rectangle), a new button will appear to allow you to execute the downloader anyway:

I got some non-fatal errors (bugs ?) while running the downloaders… for example, I think it said it couldn’t find a file called “http_404_webOC”.

It also needs to know where you want to save the installation; I used the default path which, in my case, was a folder under c:\users. Then it finally started downloading the Diablo II game… at a painstaking 1 MBytes per second… the total download is 1.5 GBytes, so it took about 25 minutes.

If I recall correctly, it also displayed an error during the download but I clicked “ok” (I think - :slight_smile: ) and the download continued. Phew

After downloading the installation code, it will launch the installation of Diablo II… you will get prompted for your name and the 26-digit key code for Diablo II.

Repeat for Downloader_Diablo2_Lord_of_Destruction_plPL.exe; that download is smaller… a mere 517 MBytes, so it only needed 10 minutes. And, after that, il launched the installation of Diablo II: LoD… and you will need to provide your name (again !) and the 26-digit key code for Diablo II: LoD.

  1. If you launch Diablo II at that time, you should have a working copy of Diablo II: LoD version 1.14B; in theory, trying to connect to Battle.Net should update your installation from 1.14B to 1.14D. When I did that, I got:

I tried with the 4 gateways… Europe, Asia, US East and US West. No luck… same error.

So I downloaded the 1.14D patch from: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/diablo2exp/patches/PC/LODPatch_114d.exe and executed it… and restarted Diablo II and got:

I logged on Europe Battle.Net (my account there was still valid :slight_smile: ) and played a bit… it seemed to work:

Good luck with all this… and I hope the above will work out for you too.

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