Diablo 2 LOD : Disconnected from battlenet please reconnect

Was playing at home left to go to work get to the hotel im staying at and go to login to battlenet in diablo two and kicks me with disconnected from battle net please reconnect immediatly after i see check versions . How to fix ? After some information gathering iver tried every troubleshooting method available to me . Am I really banned for for going to a hotel and trying to play a game i purchased ?

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Hey PcZoMbieJr,

Playing from a hotel is what likely caused the play restriction. There are several conditions that can trigger a restriction and attempting to play on a business class internet is one of them.

The restriction is temporary and should expire 14 days from the last connection attempt. Be sure not to try connecting again on a business internet because that will reset the 14 day timer.

Do , yall have any sort of plan in place to fix this? with the later this year release of daiblo 2 ressurected i dont see how the stance of reducing bots etc.) could overshadow that many people who paid hard earned money to enjoy a game are denied a integral part of the diablo 2 experiance just because they may travel for work or think oh hey ill do a quick mephisto run at the airport? i do not believe it is ethical or okay to say yeah you tried to play not at home , we didnt warn you , there was no disclaimer . and now i cant play my characters for 14 days? some will expire and blizzard is okay with that? theres no fix ? unnacceptable .

I’m here with you! With privacy concerns becoming more pertinent in many home user’s lives, simply forgetting to turn off the VPN or not configuring a split tunnel has me in the same boat as you. Unacceptable for sure. I imagine this game is going to get more attention with the release of the remastered game. I am amazed…

I’m switching to a private server. Battle.net can’t seem to get out of its own way. Blizz has shot themselves in the foot. People are going to be coming back to this game with the reveal of the remaster… buckle up Blizz support.

There’s no plan to change the legacy version of D2 (it’s technically working as intended so there’s isn’t anything to fix). It’s simply a necessary evil of playing a legacy game on the legacy Battlenet.

However, D2R will be on the modern Battlenet. Meaning, all those restrictions won’t exist in D2R.

A request for some kind of warning/disclaimer for the legacy version of D2 was made to the relevant teams a few weeks ago. Hopefully something comes of it.

This is more of a “as is” situation. D2 has been out of development for several years. The choice to play an end-of-life game on the old Battlenet is the choice to play the game as is.

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If Blizzard is still selling the game then how can you (for them) justify a 2 week ban from a simple mistake of logging in from work. I am in the waterworks sales industry and sometimes have long hours, start early for parts pick up and sometimes get called in late. Waiting on a municipality to show up to pick up fittings for a water main repair I realized I had a bit before they show up, downloaded and logged in from my work computer. Boom banned. 2 weeks? Your reply is a terrible reply for current players. Heck I have made mules that expire in 10 days. I know you are just passing on the current stance and it’s not your personal choice as just a MVP, but I hope you give feedback that a lot of people are getting amped for D2R and firing LOD back up unaware of this, and its very upsetting to learn the hard way. 2 Weeks… Really…
-Upset Player & Customer

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It’s a matter of old Battlenet, which is out of development but kept running for D2’s sake, being older technology with inferior stability and security systems. The play restrictions are therefore a necessary evil to keep those things in check.

I’m sorry you don’t like my reply. It’s just meant to describe the conditions you agree to when playing an outdated game on an outdated service.

I agree some kind of warning should be placed and that’s something that has been sent up to the appropriate teams. Now its a matter of hoping something is done.

I too didn’t appreciate your answer. The fact there is no solutions to these worsening issues is hard to “bear”. There are queues that ,are it virtually impossible to play. Now with all these version checking issues, it really is impossible to play. You answer for this is that there is no plan?

I’m unsure what help you are when you are the only one replying on behalf of battle.net and you have no solutions. A lot of people have recently purchased this game, it absolutely does NOT work as it’s supposed to. What’s happening is people are paying for something they don’t receive.

I would very much appreciate any solutions because Facebook already is tearing your reply apart.

MVPs (greens) are other players. They do not work for Blizzard and do not speak for Blizzard.

The role is just to for players to explain how things currently work to others. An explanation is not an endorsement or indicative that a person likes/dislikes what is happening.

In this case the restrictions are intended by Blizzard. They outline them in the Support article here

This feedback was most certainly put together and passed on through multiple involved teams. I did so weeks ago after returning players were having issues - in particular with the VPN and work PC suspensions. A warning on the download page or something would be helpful.

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Bliz has stated that the system is working as intended. As I’ve tried to explain several times, it’s a necessary evil for server stability and security. It’s conditions you have to accept if you choose to play an outdated, out-of-development game on a outdated, out-of-development game service.

And thus, there is no other solution to a temporary play restriction other than waiting it out.

As MissCheetah stated above, feedback about some kind of warning has been passed along. All we can do at this point is hope something comes of it.


Thanks for the reply friend. Knowing something at least has been mentioned to the appropriate people is great news. I hope something comes of it but not expecting anything before my 2 weeks are up. Not sure if you still play, or even have played D2 on BNET recently, but bots are still everywhere. The outdated systems put in place that are “working as intended” are not fixing the intended problem ( at all), but instead, are hampering the player base. With that being said, I understand your position as the messenger, I just hope Blizzard will take into consideration the fanbase that is picking the game back up ( outdated or not) and the grief (pun intended) catching a ban from something as simple as logging in from my work causes a person. Anyways thank you and MissCheetah ( your name is hot :D) for replying to us and voicing our frustration.

Thank you for your time

Indeed there are still botters and such, but that’s simply because nothing will ever stop all exploitative behaviors. Much in the same way that antimalware will never stop all malware, or law enforcement will never stop all crime. But it’s certainly worth having those in place to prevent what they can since things would be substantially worse if they weren’t.

Hopefully people won’t mind switching over to the Classic mode of D2R once it’s released. D2R will be hosted on the modern Battlenet so those troublesome play restrictions won’t exist.