Diablo 2: LOD cannot change realm?

Hey, just started playing diablo 2:LOD again. I loaded it up and made an account on USWest realm. Saw it was mostly empty so I wanted to switch to USEast because I remember it having more players. But when I try to change realms it just defaults to USWest in the character screen and when I click the realms in the top right corner there it only lists “USWest”

I tried changing it on the main menu and it shows “USEast” or “Asia” or whatever I pick, but the moment I log into account its back to USWest with no other options. Making a new account after switching realm on the main menu doesn’t do anything either. It still defaults to USWest for the new account. I asked my friend who also plays if he could change realms and he was able to, so I don’t understand why I cannot. Did a fresh reinstall to see if that fixed it and still no difference. Same problem.

How can I fix this? I want to play on USEast.