Diablo 2 JUST BOUGHT IT and cant play

did u get urs to work? and if u did how did u do it please help me

I think the real problem is that this residential/business ip addresses discrimination database is clearly not working in 2021.

Some people live in rural area, where there is only one single internet service provider, so I assume these people are not allowed to enjoy the service if the system think they are some sort of business ? I know some region here that people need to go to mcdonalds with their laptop to get internet.

It feel like if your not part of a large city, and not using one of the ISP that the system has preference for (net neutrality ?), you can kiss your experience good bye.

Also what is this with the VPN blocking in time of pandemic ? People can easily get router that has the VPN on the router using vti and the like, and therefore is 100% transparent to the OS, so I sure would like some sort of technical explanation from a network engineer at Blizzard on how they justify this.

Are they doing this because they can’t detect and block bot and spammer properly so they are revenging on us ?

This is basically the case, mainly because they didn’t think about this problem back when the game was developed. Dial-up internet and single core computers were the norm back then. VPN’s weren’t even a reality back then.

Fast forward 10+ years, multi-core systems are here, bots are running rampant, item selling websites are proliferating and automated in-game advertising is rampant, playing public games was basically impossible without a wall of text advertisements screaming down your screen. Large numbers of players were complaining about the issue.

With the sheer volume of in-game advertisement spam there was, the manpower required to keep it under control would have cost them a fortune, which obviously wouldn’t have worked because Diablo 2’s sales wouldn’t have supported that expense. Blizzard was backed into a corner in this case, and their only working option was a blanket restriction for VPN and business ISP usage. It was a ‘needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ solution.

So could you please explain me why are VPN banned ? That a nice pre-canned reply, but it doesn’t really explain why VPN are banned. VPN are not an hacking tool, VPN are a network redirection tool. You can install them on a router and it would be 100% transparent from the OS. You could then do the MITM attack from there and nobody seem to give a f…friendly care about this.

I feel like we are being feed excuses that actually make no technical sense, and that the real knowledgeable network admin can still abuse the game while the detection system mostly harm legit users.

This system is a failure and someone need to wake up about this, there like many post every day, every week, every month about this. And I am not even talking about the discriminatory IP judgement about “business use”… that feel like trying to send an email to an ATT users and where the email constantly bounce because ATT feel that you aren’t a real person. The difference is that they have a NOC to contact in that case, and they actually do something when you contact them.

I can’t say the same here :frowning:

Because the only in-game restriction power they have is to restrict CD keys. VPN/business class ISP restrictions are outside of the game, based upon their network/server infrastructure. This is why a large number of cd keys have their chat ability disabled. “The Void”.

If you restrict an IP, you can just change your location to somewhere else with a VPN and you’re back in.

Also, your assumption about the clearly failing spam detection is an whole another subject, and the problem is that battle.net refuse to make the necessary modification to catch that kind of spam. After all, if they only ban them once in a while, these spammers have to rebuy cdkeys and feed the economy.

In 2021, AI and advanced pattern detection have clearly advanced, and if you look most popular game, they aren’t plastered with spammer. And when they do, they usually deal with it in a way that they do not need to use “man power” but rather “computer power” with a few “operators”.

Finally I want to mention that I understand you are just the messenger trying to help. I am not blaming you, but rather reporting a clear problem that need addressing.

I’m sure the problem will be resolved with D2:R.

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Battle.net can clearly restrict your cdkey once a spam has been detected. You shouldn’t be considered a spammer because you use VPN or use an internet provider than bnet doesn’t know about. That like saying your guilty of hacking, unless you prove otherwise, but with no chance of actually being able to prove it. That worst than USA justice system.

Believe me, I understand the frustration. If we lived in a perfect world where there weren’t those who hacked, cheated and exploited this game to kingdom come, these problems wouldn’t exist.

A vpn restriction is IP based. A business class ISP restriction is based on whatever Blizzard account the CD key is bound to.