Diablo 2 JUST BOUGHT IT and cant play

I just bought Diablo 2 a few days ago, installed it, tried to play and “My connection has been temporarily restricted” but i can play open battle.net???
its a fresh install ive done everything you guys have asked, including reinstalling and waiting 48hrs.

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Do you use a VPN or connect from a business-class internet service provider? Since you said open Battle.net, I’m not sure if the restrictions apply there since open battle.net is peer to peer with local characters. I do know when playing on closed Battle.net (characters are stored on the server), VPN’s and business-class connections are not allowed and will result in a two week restriction from playing on closed Battle.net servers.

No i do not use a vpn and im 99% sure that my ISP is not a business class isp ~
But if they were; what could i do to play??

Since I’m not sure why you were restricted, I don’t know. Sorry.

But usually if you get restricted right away, it’s typically due to VPN or business ISP usage.

Sorry I misread your original post, I thought you were trying to play open battle.net. Oops.

I have posted this scenario all over the place and nobody has been able to help me… I literally just paid for this game and cannot play, i’ve even turned off firewalls, and done all kinds of things i shouldn’t even have to be messing with to try and get it.

Does your internet connection include a single or a block of static IP’s?

Tell me how to find the answer to that question ;p

If you have to ask that question, I would assume the answer is no. But you can contact your ISP and check to see if your connection is registered as a residential or a business class connection.

after that what do you think i need to do? (give me a scenario for each answer lol sorry im frustrated.)

Well if it is a business class, ask them to switch it to residential. If they say it is residential and you’ve 100% ruled out VPN usage as the cause, then you may be using an ISP that for some reason Blizzard thinks is a business class provider, despite being residential. In this case, your only option may be to switch providers.

Blizzard may be able to whitelist your connection subnet as residential, which may be able to be done through the ticket process.

oh wow…

Wonder how hard it is to get a refund?

A refund request is handled though the support ticket process.

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Contacting my isp now so we’ll see.

Good luck, hope you get it resolved. Diablo and Baal always need another whoopin’.

residential is what i have. so what now??

If you pay for one, check your antivirus product to see if it has an included VPN service. McAfee, Norton, AVG and Avast come to mind as antivirus providers that offer VPN with their “ultimate protection” packages. And yes, if active, these VPN services from antivirus providers would trigger the two week restriction.

only thing i use is windows security center.

Not sure what else to tell you. Maybe a Blizzard rep can chime in with some more details about the restriction which may be able to point you in the right direction on solving the problem.

This is actually a problem that I have had every single time I have redownloaded Diablo II. It has something to do with when it updates when you try starting a game. I also had to run mine in windows compatability mode. There are a few videos on fixing it I am sure.