Diablo 2 Installer Broken

decided to go back and reinstall d2. downloaded both the base game and LoD files into their own separate installer folders. all but one options available to me are broken in some way.

“play diablo ii” - hitting this played a sound effect and then refreshed the background. it also replayed the intro music that is played when the installer window is first launched.

“view manual” - broken 404 link

“customer support” - also broken 404 link

“exit installer” - this is legit the only button that actually works, and closes the launcher, hilarious.

“uninstall” - like play diablo ii this just plays a sound effect on click, followed by refreshing the background and replaying the initial two or three seconds of sound.

seemingly the installer it can’t tell if it’s installed or not but it also can’t figure out how to either uninstall what it believes to be there, or just allow the user to install to their system.


Did you install Diablo II from the original CDs or from the online source ? If you installed from the original CDs, you should use the links provided in this Support Note:

You will need to redeem your authentication keys in your Battle.Net account prior to installing Diablo II. See the 2nd part of : Blizzard Support - Diablo II Error: CD Key Invalid

Also, it appears that you’re trying to run the game from the installer… instead of from the Diablo II.exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II. But even then, I can launch Diablo II from my installer, so there’s something else that’s broken.

Yes, the View Manual link is broken and so is the link for Customer Support – the game is 24 years old and those were never kept up-to-date.