Diablo 2 controller deadzone feature

Me as well as many others are experiencing slight stick drift problems on
certain games. Particularly PS4 and ps5 owners. We would appreciate an added feature to tweak controller deadzone. In some games, I don’t experience my character moving on its own, or any jitters. In diablo 2 however, my character does tend to jittter towards the down direction slightly or move very slowly on its own unless I pull the stick back up a little. Also the cursor in inventory also does this slightly. While this is a minor problem I can live with which doesn’t effect the combat negatively, it is a little annoying at times when trying to hover items to see the item description. It won’t display any information unless the cursor is perfectly still so I have to fight with the stick a little to see it. While I understand it’s not a fault of the game, I’m merely suggesting it would be a helpful setting that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement which will make life a lot easier for us PS4/PS5 players. Another thing that could help is allowing us to see item descriptions while the cursor is moving so long as the item has the cursor above it, but a simple dead zone option would fix everything and then this change would not be necessary. Please consider, thanks


Yes! Very annoying in D2 trying to read an item description and the cursor not staying still. Just an option to adjust would be a lifesaver.