Diablo 2 CD-key claimed

so today after many years i decided to install diablo 2 again upon trying to connect im told only one program with the CD key can use it but i never gave it to anyone or been banned.

i should mention it doesnt say who using the key the field is left blank simply stating ‘‘claimed on battle.net’’

If you are using the old 16 digit keys for D2 & LOD, then try to redeem them. Go to your Account Settings here on this website (top upper right area of this page…click on your name.)

Type each one into Redeem A Code one at a time. It should give you new 26 digit keys that you can use to reinstall D2/LOD.

Uninstall your old version from the CDs first. Then download the latest installers here:

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problem fixed thank alot for the info !

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I uninstall the GAME but states the 16 KEY has be already redeemed. I need to redeem my 16 KEY for a 26 KEY

In all cases of already redeemed keys, I’ve only seen one solution. You must re-purchase both D2 and LOD. Your keys have apparently been stolen and claimed. Bots are usually to blame for that.

You can always play single player offline, but to play online Battle.net you’ll need to buy both games again.