Diablo 2 CD-KEY 16 or 24 Digits? :S


Hey I downloaded DII because I didn’t want to go through the CD swapping process during installation. It says I need to enter a 24 digit CD-Key but…the CD-Keys I got from two decades ago are only 16 digits? Is there a way to get those extra digits or should I just go ahead and do the painstaking process of swapping CD’s to install?



If you redeem the 16 digit keys to your Blizzard account then they will be updated to the longer digit ones. You can also access the keys anytime by logging in to your account and look at your Games and Subscriptions section.


Awesome thanks! That was quite quick and easy.


hi i used to be able to download my diablo 2 and lod from my account ages ago and i cant find them anywhere now i followed your instructions but at the bottom of the pages theres no classic games section and no games i own