Diablo 2, cant remember nor reset password

I am having trouble logging into my battle.net account for Diablo 2. My password will not work, and I have tried using the forgot password button, but I never end up receiving an email from it with instructions on how to set up a new password. Additionally, I fear that my continued attempts to login have locked my account.

The account name is “Fezzik”, and I created it in Fall of 2019.

Gateway is US West.

Can you please help me regain access to my account? I have put a lot of time into my characters and really dont want to lose them.

Thank you

Unfortunately Blizzard won’t assist in the recovery of Diablo 2 player accounts.

If you didn’t register an email, if the email you registered no longer exists or if the account has been purged/taken over by someone else due to being expired, this would be why you didn’t receive the email to reset the password.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you have -skiptobnet on your Diablo 2 shortcut, back out to the main menu and check to make sure that you have the correct gateway set. If you do, just for grins, try US East and see if your login works.
  • If you still have no luck, the best thing I can say is to sleep on it to try and remember the password. Put a note under your pillow that says “Diablo 2 account password?” Maybe you’ll wake up wondering whats under your pillow, read it and remember it.

If it’s been over 90 days sence the last time you logged in that acc it’s gone hit by the purge

VEOVIX: has not been over 90 days.

TheDarkJedi: Why do you say Blizzard wont help? I’ve seen mods help others with similar issues on this forum

Because I’ve seen them reply to multiple people with Diablo 2 account problems like yours in the past. They will say that the email recovery feature is the way to reset the password to recover the account, beyond that the only other option is to create a new account.

TheDarkJedi: Thanks for the help and the suggestions man, but I’ll definitely wait to hear directly from Blizzard on this. There is without a doubt a way to recover the account with their help.

I hope you’re right. Good luck.

I hate to be the one to tell you this… but no, there isn’t. They’ve been VERY CLEAR that they wont recover Diablo II accounts, and that password recovery is the only way.

I can tell you that repeated log in attempts do not “lock” your account. If you aren’t getting the email from password recovery then either you are using the wrong email, or it’s in your “junk” or “spam” email folders.

Good luck man.

Thanks for the reply Hashi.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if I ever did setup an email with my D2 account. If I did, it’d be the only email address I have, which I’ve checked a bunch of times, including junk and spam folders.

Login credentials are are a super simple item to retrieve, and are very accessible in whatever database they’re using. Identity and ownership can also be verified simply by IP matching. Not sure why Blizzard would be opposed to this.

Either way, I’ll still be looking forward to hearing from Blizzard directly.

A big reason they won’t assist in recovery of Diablo 2 accounts is to protect users from account theft. If they did, all someone would need is a bit of info about you, your IP can be spoofed, and with a bit of silver tongue, they could gain access to your account in order to loot the items. There are plenty of crooked players in Diablo 2 that will try and befriend you only to stab you in the back and rob you blind when you least expect it.

Hey Timmy, Did you ever get Blizzards help on this? I’m having the same issue… I would have signed up for email back up, but I am not receiving any recovery emails… :frowning:

It has been >90 days since I’ve logged on, would it have been purged?

Yes, Neilius52. The server automatically deletes accounts after 90 days due to inactivity.

There is no way to recover it.

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