Diablo 2 cant connect from battle.net

ive gone through every notable troubleshooting i can possibly do and still nothing. ive reinstalled multiple times, updated patches, run as admin, etc. I was excited to get back into a game that got me started down the gaming path after D2 remastered was released but the fact the i paid money for something that just flat out doesn’t work in any reasonable way after 2 days of attempts is extremely off putting at a minimum.

at this point id like either a legitimate straightforward way to play this game again or just a refund.


Having the same issues here man. Game worked fine a couple of days ago and then I started having problems. It cant be on my end because I didnt change ANY settings. It keeps saying “Failed to connect to Battle.net server. Please try again later.”

I am having the exact same problem and experience. Was really looking forward to playing with a relative. I downloaded D2 and LOD. I updated, shut everything down, ran as an administrator and still unable to access battlenet. Been trying for the past few hours. Blizzard can you please address this as it seems to be a know issue or just refund me? Very frustrating!


So assuming there is obviosuly not going to be a real fix short of playing on dial up whats a guy gotta do for a refund?

did you by any chance have a vPN running. i did and this message came up i think i got banned for 24 hours

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no vpn running. the only things i keep running in the background are fps monitors and such

same here just installed, nothing in the background but a browser tab. wanting to get back into it for when remastered comes out i’ll be ready and oops i can’t play D2. what gives battlenet?