Diablo 2: Battle.net is not responding

I was making a game a few minutes ago and the game failed to start so I got kicked to main menu. When I try to log onto battle.net it gets stuck on the “checking versions” part and then after about 30 seconds says battle.net is not responding. Anyone else run into this issue?

Same for me, i haven’t even played or logged in lately. Now when i wanted to log in don’t know what happened, same thing.

Same here, unplayable today: lag, dissconected, kick to menu, checking version, connecting to fastest server, etc etc.

I was able to get in one time when first logged in, then wanted to change account but got kicked out and same problem again.

This error message indicates a temporary restriction from the servers. These last anywhere between an hour and two weeks. All four of you have a temporary restriction. Please review that article for more information on how to avoid these going forward, but they will need to be served.

If you have had connectivity issues before you got this error, you should troubleshoot your connection to prevent them from happening again.

I feel the issue is that people are having these restrictions placed without having done anything on that list. All I did was to open the game and try to go online and I got this issue myself. To answer the questions I’m sure you might have, here is the list and my answer to each reason:
Connection restrictions in Diablo II can be applied for behaviors such as:

  • Attempting to use an invalid CD-key
    -I copied it and pasted it right from my games list from my account, so I know it was the correct game key.
  • Attempting to use a hacked or modified game client to log in to Battle.net
    -I don’t hack my games. Ruins the spirit of the game for me. And I really don’t care about trying to learn how anyway.
  • Using unauthorized third-party programs or addons
    -Such as? All I do is play it from a regular Win 10 PC by clicking the shortcut or the .exe icon from my desktop or game folder in my program files (x86) directory anyway.
  • Connecting to Battle.net using a business network, cloud hosting service, VPN, or Proxy
    -I play from home, and don’t use a VPN, proxy, or cloud hosting service.
  • Rapidly connecting and disconnecting from Battle.net
    -If this is happening, wouldn’t it be an issue with the server connection more often than the player’s fault?
  • Switching between accounts or characters too quickly
    the base issue is that we can’t even get logged in to select a character.
  • Leaving and joining games too quickly
    -same as above
  • Scrolling through skill selection too quickly using the mouse wheel
    -same as above
  • Repeatedly leaving an area and coming back to change shop or gambling items
    -Why would you punish a player for wanting better gear? they have to grind for the gold anyway, so they should be able to try to find something of use for themselves. But also, same as above
  • Repeatedly using a spell with no cast delay such as Amplify Damage or Glacial Spike
    -So you punish players for a purpose built game mechanic? That lacks all logical reason. Also, same issue with not even getting to the character selection to play the game.
  • Repeatedly using an incorrect password
    -Same log in issue as above.
  • Harassing other players
    -there are a lot of these “same login issue” comments now.
  • Advertising inappropriate website urls
    -Just so many “Same login issue” comments
  • Spamming text or chat commands such as /whisper or /whois
    -Honestly too many “Same login issue” comments
  • Connecting to Battle.net with more than 8 clients
    -So, only 8 players per game? Fair enough. But this still requires is to log in online to actually play with those 8+ other people to make this count as a reason for restriction. A problem I’m sure you understand we have by now.

If I sound salty/cranky, it’s because I can’t even get to the part where I am logged in online, and the only answer I have seen from staff is “Sorry, you have a restriction on your account. Please wait it out.”

Please don’t misunderstand me here. I get that that may be the case, but the community is crying out about an issue that goes into the “Online game is broken, please fix it” realm, and are only being told they have to wait for no discernable reason because the restriction script thought they were wrong in their actions. Why is that being treated like it isn’t Blizzards problem or fault, when the entire issue is on your side of the fence? Or am I missing something entirely here? I’m not above being educated on how things work, so lay it on me. How do I, as a player of your game and end user of your product, fix it so I never get wrongfully temp banned, and still actually play the game and use the product? Online, if I had to say that specifically.

Lord Gorogok


so don’t log in from a hotel if u travel for work. seems smart…like I like to lick windows smart

I made the mistake of forgetting to turn off my VPN. Complete BS.

The real is simple: Blizzard does NOT want to spend the cash needed to fix D2/LOD. They want YOU to buy D2R, which nobody should buy. Why? Because similar problems will come up with D2R–and they will screw you over AGAIN. So, do NOT fall for their false claims. If they can not fix D2/LOD, they also can not fix D2R when it fails. Take your time and money elsewhere, to a company interested in long-term investments.

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I have the same problem for Diablo 2 (No LOD). Do I have a temporary restriction?