Diablo 2 battle.net is not responding

the game is on checking version for like 1min then it says " battle.net is not responding. please try connecting again in a few minutes. "
Game was working perfectly until i had to transfer… so bought a second set of cd key so i can transfer by myself… as soon as i log sorcMf with mule from same account… game disconnected both char and since that moment all realm tell me battle.net is not responding any clue anyone? Cant make a ticket either to blizzard dont dont why the button is unclickable…
ip address if that can help :slight_smile:


I have the same problem!
Both D2 & D2 LOD are paid and installed. And when I try to log in into battle.net this thing pops after 1 minute
‘’ battle.net is not responding. please try connecting again in a few minutes. "
Please help!

Same problem as jazzdork

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I have the same exact issue, i cant login after i transfered items, and i dont use a vpn. So i suppose my Ip was some how flagged. I dont use any outside software.

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Checking each situation here, there has been a temporary restriction applied to everyone here. Our support article lists the reasons why a temporary restriction is applied and here’s our post on temporary restrictions.

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I have also had connecting issues. First week back playing in 12 years, this kinda ruins the experience I remember. I have ready the Restrictions and don’t believe any of them apply to me. Can someone please reach out to me and let me know what is going on?

I played Single Player all my life idk how i could be restricted for anything :slight_smile:

My friend and I bought the game recently and we are not able to access batle net please any positioning?

I’ve experienced this exact same issue for a few days now as well. Logging into different realms does not resolve the issue.

TTT. This is happening to me at the moment. I have tried logging into other realms and am getting the same message. Permabanned? I only stared about a week ago and haven’t done anything that defies the guidelines.

Been having the same issue and just bought the game, is it battle net down?

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