Diablo 2. Battle.net is not responding

Hello, I just bought a pair of cd keys to play d2 with my friends and everytime I try to log into battle.net it says it is not respoding. I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times. I would like some help to fix this issue or alteast give a reason why, please.


It looks like you have a temporary suspension currently, and the suspension occurred around when you first bought your keys. We can’t really see the exact reason for this suspension, but our best advice for this sort of thing is to fully reinstall your game client, especially if you installed the game a long time ago and just reinstalled it, and wait out the suspension.

This suspension should be over on the 24th of November, 14 days after it was incurred.

pewp, ok is it possible I can get a refund?

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You can request one through the ticket system if you’d like, but I can’t guarantee one for you since we’d need to evaluate your account and we technically follow an all sales final policy. I can’t do this over the forums because of issues verifying folks’ identities over an anonymous medium like this. Still, if you put in a ticket about it someone will check it out for you.

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Okay, thanks Mr.Drakuloth, that will be all.