Diablo 2 Battle.Net is not responding


I received this message after transferring items to mules. I would really appreciate if a mod or admin can let me know why I received this and why it has been down for 4-5 days now. I just started playing again after years of being away, and I’m afraid I will lose what I have. My account name is GageMPG.

Wish I could email support but I couldn’t find how to.

Any answer is appreciated, Thank you


It looks like you have a 2 week suspension which lasts until September 17th at night. You should be able to play again by the 18th. While muling can cause a 2 week suspension such as the one on your account, there are a number of other possible causes, such as VPN usage or using a modified client. I’d review this link for a more complete list of things to avoid.

Do I have ban currently? please check I don’t want to keep trying to login and possibly extend the suspected ban…

Hey, Gotti! It looks like there is a restriction until the afternoon of the 18th. It should be fine on the 19th, if you can address the possible cause for the restriction mentioned above.

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I get the message like above but I was not moving stuff I was doing some quest I skipped in NM and ended the game to make a hell game and then it was acting weird I got off to take a break came back and could not log in. when i click battle.net to log in takes a long time for the message but it says battle net is not responding please try again in a few. i have tried and tried. what’s up with the game. thank you

i am having same problems unable to connect to battle.net. havnt played the games in a couple years whats the problem plz help!