Diablo 2 (2000) Connecting to Battle.net

My Diablo 2 LOD (2000) has some issues connecting, at the stage of checking versions it loads until it states: Battle.net is not responing. Please try connecting again in a few minutes.
Would you be able to help me?


A temporary restriction perhaps ?

I tried the 4 gateways… no issue for me. Which gateway are you getting this error with?

Are you running Version 1.14D ?

I’m running Version 1.14D and i tried all gateways. In case of a temporary restriction: is there a way to check that?


There’s a list of actions that will trigger a temporary play restriction automatically… here: Temporary Play Restrictions in Diablo II (2000) - Blizzard Support . There’s also this pinned post at the top of the forum: [Diablo II] Temporary Restrictions .

I think that Blizzard Forum Support Agents can tell whether you have one or not… and, if you have one, you would need to submit a ticket to find out when it will end. Normally, that’s not a big deal but right now is a bad time to put a ticket in because the ticket response time is approx. 2 weeks, sometimes more.

Have you tried all the suggested troubleshooting in that Support note I linked above ?

You could wait a few days and see if it goes away.

Thanks for all the help.
I tried your suggested troubleshooting.
The Temporary Restrictions are rather vague so i surely could have broken a few. In the end of them it is stated that I should wait 48 hours which i did (tried it after 72h) reinstall the game and aquire a new IP-Adress. Which I tried as well. Sadly it didn’t work.
As such I will try to submit a ticket to clarify if i am indeed restricted.
Thanks again.

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ok – one last comment, assuming that you are under a temporary restriction.

If the condition that triggers the restriction is still present (such as using a VPN or connecting using a business network (at work, hotel, etc…), that will reset the timer and your restriction period will re-start.

Good luck with this… I hope your ticket will be answered quickly.

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