Diablo 1 Unable to Port Forward

people were talking about fixing the logging into battle.net problem by port forwarding and what not. Now seems to work for some people but why is that needed? This game was brought back onto battle.net for purchase but haven’t brought it up to date at all. This is garbage as I couldn’t get my original cd copy to work so I purchased it on bnet for 15 bucks only to have the same issue. I am using starlink and they do not support port forwarding and you can not even log into the router. Have I just been wasting my time? Is battle.net going to refund my money? Or are they planning on actually fixing this issue! so disappointing. You stop us from playing such classics that we have owned since release and resell them to use only for them not to work.

Hey Arcdog,

There aren’t any plans to update Diablo. It’s simply being made available “as is” for those who can get it working on modern systems.

As for refunds, as long as you are in the qualifying window, you can refund it. You can start here:

If the manual ticket comes back telling you to use the automated system, Try it. If it fails or denies you, resubmit the manual ticket explain that you tried it already.

GoG.com maintains an updated version of Diablo that you can purchase on their site for the same price.