Diablo 1 Resolution

Hi, I just installed the original Diablo on battle.net. The resolution on my 5120x1440 monitor is too wide on full screen. How can I play this in windowed mode so I can reduce to a small box?


I second that, Iā€™m having the same issue at 5120x1440 resolution.

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I am having this issue as well

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Also looking for someway to adjust screen size, resolution or making it windowed.
Alt-enter does nothing, but sometimes crashes.

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If you use DevilutionX to run the game you can change the game resolution and run in windowed mode (and resize it). Hope that helps.

can you still go multiplayer if you start via deviltionX?

DevilutionX does support multiplayer games yes.

Will you get banned for using this program?

No, Diablo 1 is a legacy game.