Diablo 1 Doesn't Work - Hear Music but Black Screen

I’m trying to get Diablo 1 to work on my laptop but when I start the game I see the Blizzard logo animation but after that the screen goes black and nothing works. I can hear the music but the screen is totally black. If I hit blindly multiple times eventually the game just crashes and kicks me out. I’ve tried running in compatibility mode, running it as administrative, reduced color mode, basically everything I can think of. Nothing works. Any suggestions?

The D1 that’s being sold by Bliz is the equivalent of what you would get if you installed the game from the original CD and then patched it up to the current version. In other words: super old.

Thus, it has issues running on modern systems. The community has come up with fixes to get it running. In the link below, see patch #4 for the stability issues. If you want to play on Battlenet, you’ll need Patch #1 as well.

Classic patches.

Also, if you want to play on Battlenet, a network configuration is necessary:

If you have other firewalls active (Windows’ firewall, 3rd party firewall, etc), those will need to be configured to allow the game through.

You might want to check out DevilutionX for running the game.

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