Diablo 1 Difficulty Levels

The original retail version of Diablo had multiple difficulties; Normal, Nightmare, Hell? I purchased the new Bnet version (had to patch it with a community mod to make it run) but I don’t see options for difficulty settings.

Diablo 1 didn’t have the increased difficulty in single player, it was just in multiplayer. However, the Hellfire expansion did have the difficulties for single player.


I installed Hellfire but it ALSO doesn’t work which means I’m ALSO gonna have to find a patch for this too. You have a tag that says “Technical Support” does that mean you know how to make it run?

There’s a few community made patches that help the game run on modern systems.

On the github page linked below, do “Patch #4” to see if that helps.

FunkyFresh’s patches

Add those files to both the Diablo and Hellfire installation (game) folders.

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It launches now (still crashes occasionally) but I mostly get a blank screen after the intro cinematics. It has worked a few times. I followed the instructions, not sure what else to do.

One last option is to return the Bliz version (withing 14 days of purchase), and instead buy it from GoG. Same game, except it’s updated to run on mondern systems.

I read the refund policy and though it is within 14 days, I’ve definitely played more than 2 hours. The base game works well enough (with a community patch) its Hellfire that’s giving me grief. Apparently Blizzard sells broken products and doesn’t bother to fix them?

I do appreciate your candor but… do you work for Blizzard? And you’re recommending a competitor? “My boss sucks at digital distribution so go to the other guy.” It’s surreal, unless I’m misreading the situation?

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Make sure you extract the cnc-ddraw zip files into the Hellfire directory too. They will not be used by Hellfire if you’ve only extracted them into the Diablo 1 directory.

Leviathan can speak for himself but the MVPs are just everyday players and do not work for Blizzard.

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Yes I did all that and to be fair… it does work, just… very sporadically. Sometimes it’ll work 3 or 4 times in a row, others times I’ll restart 20 times with a blank screen every time. I’ve gotten into the habit of restarting the client if I get too many failed launches, not sure if it actually helps.

It should be enough for me to play through the Hellfire expansion, should I choose to do so. So far its the exact same experience as the base game with minor differences, and loot doesn’t seem to scale on higher difficulties which renders farming useless at certain points in the game.

I stand corrected on Mr. Leviathan. No idea how forum politics work, but thanks for the clarification.

What is the mod you mentioned in your first entry above? Is that a different one from the cnc-ddraw mod? Maybe they are conflicting.

Hellfire has other quests to do in two other areas that open up by talking to the Farmer to the North. But, you must be character level 15 first.

There’s two secret classes you can unlock too. I’m not sure how the looting system levels with difficulty since I’ve only played Normal.

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You’re not wrong, but it’s more of an “as is” thing. Bliz hasn’t updated those games in decades.

They are actually the same versions that used to be on the download website for many years. Bliz just moved them to the launcher.

I don’t, but MVPs are selected and vetted by Bliz. We don’t speak for Bliz, but we are trusted to be knowledgeable in various aspects.

Ah! I can see how that looks!

No competition in this case. It’s an official partnership between Bliz and GoG. It was Bliz themselves that announced it originally.

(Same for WC and WC2.)

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I deleted and reinstalled the mod for both D1 and Hellfire and its the same problem. It does work just very sporadically. I am enjoying the game but I’ll just have to move on at some point.