DEV 6068 Error Fix

For those of you that are having issues with the DEV 6068 on MW and general games crashes, here is the solution that worked for me:

So about a week ago, I started encountering the dreaded Dev 6068 error on MW. It started all of a sudden without myself changing anything. I tried all the repairs recommended on many websites and forums, i.e update windows, install latest drivers, switch off Geforce overlay, G-sync etc however nothing solved my issue. I gave up on MW and tried playing a few other games, all of which started crashing for GPU memory etc.

I scratched my head for a while so decided to Use MSI Afterburner to check my GPU. First thing I done was go into the OC menu and scan my system, to check for OC headroom etc. Once complete the curve was exported to afterburner. To my surprise the core speed was adjusted lower than the previous setting before the test. The test showed that I had headroom to OC but left it at the setting it automatically adjusted too. I then tried a few games, MW, GTA V, Far Cry and none of them crashed or produced the DEV 6068 error.

I can’t prove it, but assume during an update this had some how changed the Afterburner setting or the reference for the card. I have never OC’d this card, so this setting should never have changed from the factory setting. For info it is an RTX 2080 TI. Anyway, I hope this issue helps other people in this predicament. I am going to try switching back on G-Sync and the overlay etc, see if it still runs stable.

Update: I can confirm 100% that the GPU core clock was the route cause of both the DEV 6068 and other game crashes. I switched back on overlay and G-Sync and have played Modern Warfare, GTA V, Wreckfest and War Thunder with no issues what so ever. I hope that those looking for this solution are routed here first.