DEV 5573 crashing game when throwing tacticals

Is this DEV 5573 error being worked on? I crash whenever I throw any tacticals like stun and flash. Even crash when I buy a loadout and crash when i try to throw it out. This happens every single time… I read online that the issue is with Blackops weapons and skins. Would be nice to be able to play without crashing.

Hey RagingAsian,

Bliz wouldn’t have any info on in-game issues with the CoD game. Those belong exclusively to Activision. Their support site can be found here.

The only involvement Bliz has is the point of sale, installation and patching.

ich habe seit den 7.5.21 und das spiel ist nicht spiel bar mir . habe den support activision
mehr fach geschreiben 7.5.21 den geschreiben und habe jetzt immer noch keine anwort bekommen .wir haben den 14.6.21 und nent mann hilfe bekommen

i cash evey sigle time i play, i even get the dev error messages as well with other fatal error messages. im stuck dont know what to do