Desktop app. updates games every time it is open

Hello all, I recently had to uninstall the Desktop app. because it was acting strange, and then reinstall it and my games, as they would not load properly, but now it is still trying to do a nonexistent update to World of Warcraft / World of Warcraft Classic, whenever I open the app…
The problem is that now it will not just go ahead, and start the fake updates anymore, and I have to click Update for them to start now. I am well aware that Blizzard has gone FAR DOWNHILL since being taken over by Activision, but it is getting just stupid now, and I would like some assistance please.
Every time they patch a game now, it seems t break the game’s functionality somehow. Not to mention that the patches are generally very shoddily thrown together, even when they do work.
I mean, if the new Blizzard - Activision team is too incompetent to handle their jobs, then maybe they should not have gotten rid of all the guys who were good at it in the name of the almighty dollar.

Are you listening Activision??

I could have sworn that at one time Activision was a top of the line video gaming company, but they seem to have devolved into just a money hungry corporation now, and ruined all of the games that made them all of their money.
Irregardless, is there a way to stop the Desktop app. from constantly trying to apply updates that are not necessary, every time you open it?? Else, if I have to just accept that bug as normal, as is par for the course with the new Blizzard, is there some reason why it keeps changing its settings to not just automatically start the fake updates??
I am thinking this is some kind of bug, but I am loath to put in another Ticket, just to get the FAQ pages linked to me, which are of no help whatsoever!!