Deleted/Not saving Characters

I get launch issues. We’re all used to em by now. But I played for 45 mins and then left the game I was in. When I got to the lobby my character was gone. So be careful playing, you might be wasting your time.


Mine disconnected me but not my wife and now I have no character either.

Please head to the D2R forums and join one of the threads there. You are not alone in having vanishing characters.

got to level 12 act 2 and reloaded cause issues trying to id items my character is gone

This just happened to me about 10 mins ago, I was mid making the same post after about 3-4 game restarts. Mine just popped back up on my list now, don’t worry your char is still there… somewhere.

However, you will prob get a " failed to enter game. This char is already in a game on the server. Please try again. " is what I’ve been getting for about 3-5 mins now.

Same here lvl 12 and now lvl 6 lets hope this fixed…

Thisbis going to give us our levels? Or are lost

I just WASTED 2 hours !!! Blizzard If the game is not ready then dont release it. Lost all my levels :frowning:

rolled back 12 levels with loot and everything. meh im done i need a refund id rather not waste my time on 2 literal levels.

I have a similar issue. I played for 30 minutes for a few levels. Exited, and rejoined. All my character progress was lost.

where tf is my rare armor!!! I can take the lost xp, gold etc. all I want is my rare drop wtf

I demand all my lost progress and rare armor.
I just got in and went back to level 3.

played for 2 hours, got to level 9. Game randomly disconnected and reset me to level 1. Will we get our progression back or do I need to start over??