Delay in responding to ticket

Hello everyone, how are you? I opened a ticket to complain about an issue with my Warcraft Rumble account and have not heard back in over 2 days. This is normal? I’m afraid the gamemasters didn’t see it. I’m desperately afraid of losing my account. Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum, but it was the only one I could post on.

Yes, that is normal. The support teams handle tickets for all Blizzard games. If you got a ticket number, then it is filed. If you used the generic category for not found here type issues, that tends to be the longest queue.

MVPs don’t work for Blizzard and can’t see anything on Blizzard’s side, but if you indicate what the issue is someone can likely make sure you are following the right support path. Some things GMs can help with, others they can’t. Might as well find out before you waste more time on it :slight_smile: