Deception or hypocrisy? of Ukrainian payment

From my perspective, this looks like a scam.

I want to pay for an item, it costs 499, but I receive a message from the bank that the amount has been debited by 10% more!

The reason is double conversion.

My thoughts:
1 That the company doesn’t give a damn about me because it’s my problem, because they put up a payment at a normal price. And they shift all the costs of their shortcomings to the client. This time.

2 The company does not need money at all, because I could not pay by card for a month. Paypal doesn’t work for me.

3 In my country, Ukraine, there is a war going on, now there is not enough money at all, and such an attitude on the part of the company does not contribute to increasing loyalty on my part.

my findings:
customer service is not friendly.
we are trained to get used to not paying.
and I’m not talking about the constant glitches of the game client.