Dear Blizzard, X

Dear Blizzard,

I am subscriber, and have been for 15 years now. I play all things Blizzard, including beta testing for HOTS, OW and D3 and have been a World of Warcraft player since Vanilla! A guild mate, and fellow subscriber, was hacked today. Blizzard’s resolution was to COD his gear back to him. Since the hackers traded away all of his gold, the guild banded together to help him get the 175G needed to recover the loot that he, along with the guild, spent time and effort to earn. That doesn’t even include the 400G he already lost. Why are victims paying to retrieve gear that was stolen from them? The money and gear he lost is traceable but it seems that Blizzard is refusing to do it. As subscribers, we PAY for the game and PAY every month for this service! I believe that Blizzard should refund the money that was spent to recover this gear as well as the gold that was stolen during this hack. Players should not be penalized by the game for being hacked. That event is out of our control and is already disruptive and personally invasive.