Dangerously needing more keybinding options for PC

I been using mobile and chat interactions seemed more fluid, either typing to the correct chat group swapping to one another etc.
1 // Now on pc i feel like chatting is a huge task as i have to go in bottom corner click chatbox but i need to have pressed enter before, then i am finally able to swap to the desired chat(if i wanted the bigger right-side version) but there be another issue !!! once typed, my message won’t send with the “enter” like it was working up to this window…
2 // If i use the small bottom left "chatbox group wich is interacted upon chatting) the tiny button to swap different chats, ok i can click trough one another but this is all making me unable to interact with skills or movement/play or survive basically, sometimes i wanna quickly type something to the right chat while still running and surviving but it feels wrong on pc, really wrong. reallly reallllly wrong.