D4 ideas i have to enhance quality of life for players

I have 3 simple ideas that will make the game less annoying for some players and enhance the experience for everyone:

1- Make whispering tree bounties sync for players in a party! Yeah there is the whole thing where people will rush level other players, but you can combat that by tracking a player’s actions in activities… if you sit there while the other player does all the killing then you shouldn’t get credit… make points scale with player activity that way not only can they grind together, but it can be a competition between them… you only get all the points for a bounty while in a party if you do an equal share, otherwise you get reduced rewards or none. it would add a fun new dimension to the usual diablo multiplayer routine.

2-Please make the button used to enter a dungeon something besides a button that is also used to attack… Imagine being in hell tide… you just beat a huge swath of beasts and you are about to pick up your bounty… oops you lost it all because you accidentally entered a hole in the ground because you were too close to it when you were attacking something or picking something up…

3-get rid of the refund price up scaling for skill and paragon points… I almost bricked my sorceress because I was actually trying new things out quite often… I got to tier 4, made a bad decision and died like 40 times in a row the price to repair my gear wiped my funds out and I couldn’t fix my mistakes with the new skills… I had to go all the way back to tier 2 and very slowly build up 700,000+ gold to get myself back together… don’t punish players for wanting to try new things… you are gonna put yourself in a box when no one wants to make a new character every time a new build is discovered. no one wants to start all over again just to try out different abilities and synergies… you will wind up forcing players to lose interest because they cant explore the game in new ways without shelving the characters they worked hard to get to where they were

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