D4 Got stuck after clicking start game button

what is the problem as the post title description, my screen is dark after clicking start game button , a tip string shows at the bottom of screen , and there is a loading pricture stirring at the right down corner. i can’t play the game!!!

Why not ask on the D4 Tech Support forum ?


The forum here is to provide feedback on the beta version of the “Launcher”.

I have the same problem. I click the start game button and it tries to load, screen goes grey for a moment and then the D4 logo appears. It crashes about a second later. Cannot even enter the game. My computer is older, but from what I can tell I should be able to run it.

I AM running it from a HDD, however, but I cant imagine that would be the issue here.

I have installed and deleted the game 3 times. I repaired the game file twice (there were no issues reported by the repair function either time). I have the updated drivers for my Nvidia card before I downloaded the beta. I use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (4 gig memory). My system has 16 gigs of ram.

I have rebooted many times. Made sure my firewalls and antivirus allow D4 to run. Ran as system admin. I don’t care if it runs and it doesn’t have great performance- I can’t get it to run at all.


Are you using a Razer mouse or keyboard ? If so, see this post by Blizzard:

If not, then post in the Diablo IV Technical Support forum.

This forum is for Blizzard’s Classic Games such as Diablo II (2000)… not Diablo IV.