D4: Constructive Commentary

Just some commentary on the game - which is overall, quite fun. It starts off slow, but once the hand-holding is over and you open the hub, there’s a ton to do! And it is pretty seamless.

However, some points:

  1. Lots of getting stuck while walking around. Not sure why, but it’s constant. A minor movement and I keep going, but it seems weird.
  2. Other players visible. This takes away from the idea that I’m alone in this. Seeing other people finish my local event, quite frankly, sucks. Would rather the option of joining someone’s game or a public game, instead.
  3. Very MMO like in regards of (2) above. Odd choice.
  4. Some conversations seem to get stuck with long pauses, have to click through to make it continue. Timing needs improving here. Happens a lot.

Overall though - I think it’s very good. Very reminiscent of D3, with updated graphics.

I’m playing on normal during the beta and I’ve gotten like 10 legendary rings, a few legendary staves, etc. Too. Intended? Drop rate seems very high - makes the blue loot fodder nearly immediately.


The limitation on currency for the curiosity vendor is odd. Why limit it?
“Give thanks at the shrine” or something quest does not seem to have a shrine to give thanks at.
We need a portal out of dungeons quickly. Walking back to the entrance is silly.

When you get the book at the horadrim place and the girl says “meet me there” (at her mom we killed a bit ago, I guess) - there is no follow-up quest to meet her anywhere. Assume this is because beta, though.