D4 Beta NPC behavior bug in the "Unyielding Flesh" quest

Quest: Unyielding Flesh
Started out of town with Krystyna. Encountered some ghouls and killed them. Realized that I now had enough ghoul hearts to complete another quest. Went back to town to redeem the ghoul hearts. When I left town again to resume Unyielding Flesh, Krystyna did not follow me. Her name/portrait was still listed under mine at the left of the screen, but her animation wasn’t there following me. Returned to town. Krystyna’s image was not in her original location or by the character who gave me the ghoul heart quest, but I did see the white dot displaying her location in the area map. When I left town this time, the white dot followed me on the area map. There was still no sign of Krystyna’s animated image following me until I came close to the spot where her missing husband had been bound and tortured by the female demon. At that point, she reappeared and went through the normal dialog.