D4 Beta Forced MMO-Lite Multiplayer

The forced MMO-Lite Multiplayer experience in the D4 Beta destroys the solo Diablo experience that I had enjoyed in previous games. I hope that players get an option for exclusive single-player when the game is released, or I will definitely pass on getting a license for D4. Offline single-player would be better, but I won’t hold my breath.



Agreed. Currently have no intention buying. Or even continuing with the beta.


You meet just a few players, and mostly around the big cities or world boss. But count this, the servers are overcrowded, it will be less on live, plus the world has 5 zones i think, kinda sorta means whatever the final number of players would be that you see on live server, you will see 1/5th of it.

Not saying you have to like it, but you make a bigger deal out if it than you have to. Plus I believe they will increase monster density at that point you won’t even see the other players. Not to mention if there will be poe like seasons with extra instances. :slight_smile: But you can just wait and see how it turns out.

I agree that this is not the gameplay I wanted to experience with Diablo IV. I like the way it was in Diablo 3 where I could group up in game when I wanted to, and not have it forced upon me. The worst part is when I was handling a group of monsters, and someone came by and killed most of them and opened the chest. (Yes, I know I got my own loots) but lost the satisfaction of completing this on my own and opening the chest at the end. It’s the little things. I certainly do not want to play like someone following behind someone and picking up loots. The game looks really good, I just won’t be playing this one. Thanks.


There are aspects of the game that are built around group play, like world bosses and events. Sounds like you are going to miss out on d4 because you are stuck in 2008.

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Don’t like how if another player is on the same quest, they can the complete the quest for you without you participating. Can happen if you are the same world zone.

Unless that’s a bug. If so, would be great if we had a place to report beta bugs, huh?

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