D2R Ultrawide suggestions


With the support for ultrawide screen monitors having been removed, I’m wondering if we can get some sort of functionality within the black panels we are now forced to look at. here are some suggestions I have thought of:

1 - Within the map location settings adding in an ultrawide left / right feature to place the mini-map within the black bars.

2 - Adding an “expand UI” option which would allow the inventory screen, skill panel and character sheet to appear off to the side where we currently have unused space.

as it stands right now I have about 8" on either side of my game of dead space. I don’t like to play in windowed mode as it ruins the immersion in the game but would like to see something take advantage of the space.

I would also like to note, as someone who has been fortunate enough to play the diablo series since classic diablo 1 and hellfire, thank you for this! I never would have imagined getting to see this game look the way it does and it makes me feel like a kid again!