D2R - Queue and stability

Are you kidding me?
2 hours in the queue, only to get a black screen after 3 games when connecting and have to start all over again?
Then every now and then “Can’t connect to the server” and it starts all over again. Why, for example, do you not get a priority when you disconnect?

That is cheating the customer! It pisses me off that despite all the negative criticism you still don’t show any will to improve.
It’s a sad picture of failure:
Launch Wow Classic - 10 hours queue times
Release of a new expansion - 10 hours queue time
D2R -Roll backs, server downtime and hours of queues.
I don’t even want to talk about the problems on an ethical level.
Then I read articles saying: “People are playing the game wrong and would do too many boss runs”.
That was already the case 15 years ago!

You live from the success of past days and from fans who have been loyal to you for years because of once good performances.