D2:R Performance nosedives in Inventory

Pretty much the title, there’s a major performance issue with opening the inventory in game, I’ve noticed it a lot more in Act 2 than Act 1 but it can occur there as well. I can get it to happen where the performance degradation maintains if I switch from controller to KB/M.

Performance will stay high throughout the game for the most part, but is attenuated massively once my inventory starts to get full. I don’t know what the problem is or how it’s being rendered to the screen but there has to be something causing the issue. It seems odd to me because they’re simple objects of deserialized data from a file with some images I’m guessing.

My specs are R7 5800x, 3060 ti, 32 gb ram, windows 10.

Diablo 2 Expansion and Twitch.


I have Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram blocked because they act like Viruses and have too many Apps and connections.

I can not get Twitch to let me set up an Account and Blizzard wants me to have a Twitch or Youtube Account and I do not want Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch to have access to my computer.

Hopefully I can install D2R when it comes out without connecting to any of these horrible platforms.


I think you replied to the wrong post.