D2R: Cannot join or create games

@Blizzard we all paid good money for this game and you all know as well as we do that the PRIMARY resource when playing this game is other players. This game is an ENTIRELY different experience when you include others. With that being said, this is a competitive game. When only some people are unable to play it gives the people who CAN play an unfair advantage. A lot of us took time off from work to play this game. A lot of us were HOPING you’d have the capacity to launch this game without a gigantic issue such as this…
I have tried making a new character, I have tried all three different regions, literally nothing can get me into a game and I’ve been locked out for 7 hours now. Do NOT suggest I play offline, that’s a ridiculous suggestion.


Although I don’t think OPs post is constructive i’d like to take the opportunity and say that this is affecting my account too.

I do not know if there is a way to free up my character ‘YOLOSWAGOLINI’ level 76 Paladin that would be great. I should have been playing on NA at the time.

As more people get stuck we are going to need a server restart. Although it is frustrating to get told your realm is restarting that is not a big deal if the restart happens quickly. You even get a bit more xp having to do some mandatory re-progression (treat it as farming!). But NOT doing a server restart here soon means that everyone who is stuck is going to be immensely frustrated, not just inconvenienced.

Please restart the servers or find a way to get our accounts out of limbo.


Although my post isn’t constructive, there are PLENTY of other posts on this exact same topic that are constructive that are going ignored. Literally just trying to express to the developers my frustration. Nothing else. Blizzard knows about this problem, they are most likely trying to fix it, but aren’t telling us anything.


must be hard rereleasing a 20 years old game


Trying to play Diablo 2 Resurrected and it won’t even let me create a game. I keep getting the error message “An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.” I assure you my internet is fine. When I try to join a game, it simply shows the error “Join Failed”. How was this allowed to happen in the first place? Did you not think that people would attempt to create/join a game? Fix this immediately.

I can’t enter the game at all. I can not join to the game! Guard!

Just tried to delete a character that is “currently in a game” and I get the error message “This character is currently locked and cannot be used or changed. Please try again later.”
I’m speechless.

I haven’t been able to enter a game for 24hrs. Crazy.


I’m not sure why I’m getting this error. I’ve even deleted my characters and made new ones. I’m still bugged.

here the same bug, cant play

same here its been like this for 3 hours now

Going on 7 hours now. Can’t join or create game. My character is farming for some good loot I hope!

I was able to play until 3 hours ago. Then I took a 2 hour break and now I can’t create/join game on my main char just like everyone else in this thread. Also when I create a new character I cant create/join game either. Meanwhile all my friends are able to play just fine (same city, so probably same servers etc.)
No idea how this could be happening. Can we expect a fix soon?

It crashes almost every time I create or join a game, or if I am in a game it crashes because of the load screen. Day 2 and im still just lvl 6. Come on I just want to play the game I paid for months ago.

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im having same issues and its rediculous

Blizz, I am really really aggravated and trying not to vent. People have planned their lives around the dates that YOU put out for the launch. We have jobs, kids, and responsibilities. Day before launch was like Christmas Eve for 40 year old men lol. All we wanted was nostalgia for our money. Please, please, please fix this soon. People are getting way ahead of us. As OP said this is a competitive game and we are all losing time, xp, and loot.


Account, App, & Shop


I cannot play D2R. I have a char that is locked on the server and will not allow me to play. I also cannot get a newly started char to create or join a game. It has been about 4 hrs since the problem. If this cannot be remedied, I would like to have a refund of my purchase price. Thank-you.


По какому принципу Метелица определяет кто будет играть, а кто нет? По региону проживания? Стримеры на Твиче играют спокойно в команде, перезаходят когда захотят, у них всё работает, полагаю стримы рекламные, тоесть у тех кому они заплатили за рекламу всё хорошо? Или нас просто отключили чтобы снять нагрузку на серверы, чтобы избранные смогли зайти?

Diablo 2 Res - Stuck on “Character already in game on server, try again” for over 4 hours! Created new character but it goes to blackscreen as soon as i create game/join, never see the glowing door loading screen

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Could not agree more. I played in the Beta no problems so I thought it was safe to spend my money and time on this game.