[D2]Logged in after years, cd key disabled?

Hello. I purchased and activated diablo 2 and diablo 2 LOD a while ago. After not playing for years, I wanted to re-install and play in bnet in the midst of rumors of d2 remastered. However, when I tried to log in, “cd key was disabled” message popped up.

I don’t understand- did somebody hack my account or something? But I have two factor authentication enabled on the bnet account. Can I get some help on why it was disabled?

My guess is your CD keys are 16 digit and you need to update them on battle.net to 24 digit

Thanks. Unfortunately i am already using the 24-digit license key provided by battle net.

was this ever fixed? Having the same issue

Keys are banned after being used for anything against the Terms of Service agreement. Most commonly, usage of mods and botting.

For legit players, keys can be stolen and used by another player for those purposes too.

Bans cannot be lifted, so the only way to play online is to repurchase new keys.