D2 Why are we still getting banned for relogging too fast

Haven’t played in a few years. Logged in to make sure my two mules didn’t expire. Switched between them too fast and got banned. I forgot about waiting between characters to prevent this. Kinda silly that an anti-botting system put in place punishes players who are trying to prevent their characters from disappearing.

Won’t help if you submit a ticket either, they really don’t care about the bans. Truly the worst “support” in gaming.

They will send you a pre-formatted automated ticket response claiming that you might be banned or might not be banned and that there is really no way they can check anything. I responded to my ticket and the GM simply told me to not respond again and did not address ANY of my questions from either ticket. Poor service, I filled out a survey for my first ticket and oddly enough they didn’t send me a survey to complete for my second ticket…

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It is not that they don’t care, is that the D2(2000) temp suspensions are automaticly done by the software and CS can’t change that. They don’t make the software on the old servers, don’t decide the policy, and can’t change it. They can’t lift the restriction either.

The Support article on it covers the temp restrictions and mentions that CS can’t fix it for you. Hopefully they linked you to that article.

There are no plans to change that for D2 (2000). D2R will be on the modern Battlenet infrastructure though which has different means of security so does not have those same restrictions.

I just came back to play Diablo 2 a few days. Today, I can’t login to my account as usual.
Could you guys help me check these problem? Was my account got temporarily ban from battle.net? (My account: franknstine)
Thank you so much.

Hey Kenssy

You can submit a ticket directly to support to find out if you are under a temporary restriction.

You can use this support ticket .

There are several required fields in order to submit: (assuming Windows) a Traceroute upload, a DXDIAG upload, an MSINFO upload and a Description. (If on a Mac, I suspect the process would be the same, just with different file names.)

The file uploads aren’t needed for this kind of inquiry. So, you can

  1. manually create three text files,
  2. name them with their respective names,
  3. put something inside them (anything will do, they just can’t be blank inside),
  4. upload

Then type your question in the “Description” field and submit it. Make sure you reach the confirmation screen.

Support can tell you if you are restricted and for how long, but they can’t tell why.

Thank you very much. I just submitted a ticket.