D2 user name tied to OLD email

So, I wanted to get back to Diablo II LoD, so I re-installed all from the Blizz site. But when Attempting to use my current Bnet login info that works every else including this site, it says I am using the wrong password. I have not logged into Diablo 2 Bnet in a long time, way over 90 days (if that matters at all). I do not expect to find my old characters, I just wish to use my current login is all. I fear that my current usernames was used with an older email I don’t have access too anymore back from my old D2 days. So when I use the Get new password option I never receive an email, that is my reason for thinking my old D2 username is linked to a previous email. If I try to create a new id with the Same user it says it is already in use.

Can I get my old User name back somehow? (Please get me that option). Or if I create a new account, with my current Bnet email but a new user, will that cause any issues anywhere in my accounts?

Hello TinyTitan,

Game accounts that have not been played longer than 90 days are eventually removed from the system. When this happens, the login ID becomes available for anyone to use.

If you tried creating a new Diablo 2 battle.net login ID/password and it said it was already in use, then someone else has taken that login ID. When you go send the password reset email for the ID that you remember, whoever now owns that account is getting the password recovery emails.

Blizzard is not going to give you your old ID back, because that would ruin whoevers account that now has that login ID, so unfortunately you’ll have to choose a different login ID.

I hope this information helps.


Well that makes sense, but using a new ID on the same email as my current Bnet account, will that cause issues?

Diablo 2 Battle.net accounts are separate from your actual Blizzard account. You can choose any login ID that you wish, as long as it is available.

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You won’t have any issue having both a modern Battle.net account and a Classic Battle.net account tied to the same email address. Everything works great.

Classic Battle.net accounts still expire, as mentioned above. If you don’t log in and an account expires, you can select New Account, re-enter your password, and re-activate your account as long as someone else hasn’t claimed it.

Classic Battle.net can still be used for the following titles:

Diablo (1.09d)
Diablo Shareware (1.09d)
Diablo II (1.14d)
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (1.14d)
Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition (2.02)

If you want to play multiple characters on Diablo 1 Battle.net, you will need a separate account for each character, as each account is tied to one character.

Attempts to use Classic Battle.net on Starcraft (1.16.1 or lower) or Warcraft 3/The Frozen Throne (1.27b or lower) will force users to download the Remastered/Reforged client, and use the new Battle.net options those titles provide.

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