D2 Temporary Ban?

I just started playing again a couple of days ago and i can’t connect now after switching between accounts did i get that 2 weeks ban for some reason ? Thank you.

Trying to play Diablo 2 on Battle.net with any of the following three scenarios being true will automatically result in a two week restriction from Battle.net:
1: With an active VPN.
2: While connected to business class internet service. (At work, for example)
3: Using a proxy connection.
The two week restriction period for these three scenarios is exactly two weeks down to the second. If you try logging in again with any of the above being true, the restriction period is reset.

If none of these scenarios are true in your case and as long as you weren’t trying to use any cheats/hacks/bots, your restriction period would most likely be due to another reason and for a shorter period. (Up to 72 hours)

Below is a link to a list of the reasons for temporary restrictions. You can review the list to try and determine which one might apply to you:

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Thanks for the info. I use a vpn from time to time and i know when i couldn’t log in i tried without it and with it and i had the same result. I hope i didn’t extend the ban to 2 weeks becausr of that. Is there any way to know ? Thank you.

A Blizzard rep might chime in and give more information.

If you attempted to log in with the VPN active, it would have reset the restriction timer.

Thanks for you answer but i got the temp ban before i tried with the vpn so it is possible that it went from a 48 72 hours to a 2 weeks because of that ? I opened a ticket also on the website to try to shed some light and know how long is the ban.

Typically, doing anything in that list (I linked above) results in an immediate two week restriction. Any extension would be a reset of the two week timer from doing anything on the list again before the two weeks are up.