D2 restricted and i have expiring toons plz help

I noticed that my diablo 2 is restricted. Someone in my household recently started using a vpn and i guess that’s to blame. How do i fix this and get my account up and running without losing any characters?

I really don’t want to lose any more as when i was in and out of the Hospital in 2019 i lost a lot of geared toons on west. This game helps me pass the time when i am dealing with my pain.

Would uninstalling the vpn before i play then shutting down diablo 2 before reinstalling the vpn work?

How long am i restricted for?

Is there a way to continue to play d2 as long as i make sure the vpn is off before i log in?
Maybe if i made another user account on our computer? Does anyone know what would work?

I’d really appreciate some help. I understand fully why protection was put in place to stop bots. However bots continue to play 24/7 as i am sitting here in pain and restricted. I’m a life long blizzard player and have supported blizzard and will continue to do so as long as i am here on this Earth. Help me save my tiny toons. Also our yearly Pride MF runs are in serious jeopardy now.

Hey Plebicite,

The restriction for using a VPN is 14 days starting from the last VPN login attempt. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the restriction, it just has to run it’s course. The only thing that you can try is obtaining a new IP address.

As for the VPN itself, it doesn’t need to be uninstalled, it just can’t be active when trying to log in to the game. If by accident you try to log in with it active, it will reset the timer back to 14 days.

Here’s the support article on temporary play restriction just for information’s sake.

Ty for the speedy response Leviathan. I wish there was some way of verifying my account so that a vpn wasn’t a worry. I wouldn’t even mind paying a monthly fee.

Also just for clarification, when you said the vpn can’t be active when i log into game do you mean Diablo2 LOD itself or battle.net as well? Battle.net was on once with vpn and i had zero issues.

It’s just D2, and only because D2 is an old game with antiquated security systems.

All the rest of the Bliz games and the Bnet launcher allow VPNs. Sometimes the security system will trip because a VPN can make it appear that you’re logging in from a new location (which can look like a hack attempt), but usually that just locks the Bnet account until you do a password change.

Well, ty again Leviathon. I will try D2 in 2 weeks.
Looking forward to the D2 Resurrected as well. If i am still able to play games when it comes out i will grab it. I have to edit this part because i have gotten some good health news and i am feeling super exicted about it. Stay safe my friends.