D2 lod cd key being used by me?

why has my cd key being used for about 20 hours now ? anyone getting this problem? some 20th any lol

Hey, SyrMaple! This can happen at times when the character is stuck online. It should be cleared now :slight_smile: If this happens again for over 24 hours, please reach out to our customer support team.

Mine has been doing that since last night too. Does attempting to log in reset the 24 hours? I read somewhere it did which would suck because I just tried now and would suck to have to wait until tomorrow now.

Hi there, is there anyway you can reset mine as well? I have been stuck not being able to log in at all since yesterday.

can anyone help me, im unable to install lord of destruction to by diablo 2 game, just gives me an error?

can you please check into my issue ive been waiting for 5 days for any kind of response im about to request a refund i spent $40 to get this game twice on mine and my dads accounts so we could play together and now we cant even do that Cannot connect to online services on diablo 2

Hey all,

Please keep in mind that we do not always catch replies on these forums and seldom work on multiple issues in one thread to keep the threads from getting out of hand. If you have this same error please follow these instructions. You will get a faster/more reliable resolution that way as this is an account issue. Since these are the tech forums we try to focus on more computer/connection related issues and bugs.