D2 LoD Act5 issue


Game runs like normal on any of the other acts 1-4.
act 5 ONLY works if i stay near the port.

Trying to go out = crash
Going/talk to Cain= crash
Trying to port to anothe area in act5 = crash.

The game just shuts down with an error…

Any1 else got this issue??



This is a general Access Violation the game is attempting to read/write to memory but it’s changed to something that isn’t expected. This type of issue is most often related to a third party conflict (Think: Streaming, Overlay, overclocking software or another general 3D application running in the background.) Other issues can be related to out dated drivers or hardware such as a memory issue.

I would recommend to try the following steps:

  1. Reinstall the game to the Operating System driver such as C:\Users\Public folder.

  2. Close all background applications, restart the PC to get into this mode. Steps on how to do this can be found Here.

If the issue continues, please post up your Dxdiag for us to review. Copy the dxdiag contents into your reply, highlight the text then select the code block icon </>. This action will help us review the information faster.

Thank you!