D2 legacy char rolled back 4 days

Server: US East
Account: 1989
Character: explicLt

Please restore this character to a 4/28/2024 save date. Your server rolled it back to a 4/24/2024 save date. I lost all items and went from level 97 to 96.

You guys screwed this up. Please fix it.


This is your 4th post on this issue… the first three did not receive any replies.

Two comments:

  • Blizzard won’t rollback your D2 LoD hero to the end of April (a month ago !) with a request from the forums – this type of action (assuming it is possible) would require a ticket as a minimum; and

  • I don’t think Blizzard can rollback one hero – at best, they’d have to roll back the entire D2 LoD account – just like what is available for Diablo III. And even an account rollback might not be possible – looking at the support menus for Diablo II Classic, that’s not something that appears possible.
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SilentStorm, please stop making duplicate threads. You’re starting to approach the line of spamming, which could result in the loss of forum posting privileges.

See Boubou’s post above about contacting Support through a support ticket.


Correct. There is zero in-game support for Diablo 2 (2000) LOD. They have never been able to roll back a single character for any Diablo game, and can’t roll back a D2 (2000) account at all. That rollback feature was only offered for Diablo 3, and it has a lot of limits to it.


OK – that’s what I was afraid of – thanks for the confirmation.


I’ve made duplicate threads because there has been no support & no response.

I’ve submitted multiple tickets and they keep telling me to post here. Ironic!

I figured this was a lost cause - Blizzard has never been accountable for their mistakes and the support is pretty much nonexistent.

The support forums are player to player, not player to Blizzard. So, when Bliz support said they are unable to assist and that you should try posting here, that was to ask the community if they have any suggestions.

Therefore, you don’t require multiple threads. If the comunity doesn’t have any suggestions, then don’t have any suggestions.

As for support’s efficacy, if the necessary tools/technology for D2 rollbacks don’t exist, no one, including support, can do anything. Literally no one. You believing otherwise is simply the result of you not understanding the systems and process that underly the game… not because Bliz isn’t ‘accountable’ or have ‘pretty much nonexistent support’.